Jazz Share Balance Code

Jazz Company offers multiple Jazz Packages for Prepaid and Postpaid Customers. You can share amounts from Rs 15 to 500. Jazz Share Balance Service is Easy, Flexible, and Convenient that allows users to share balance from Jazz to Jazz and other company.

Jazz Share Balance Code 2023 - Jazz Prepaid Packages - How To Share Balance On Jazz

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Jazz Share Balance Code

You can share the balance from Jazz to Jazz Prepaid SIM Number very easily. you know that jazz cares about its customers and so you can dial the balance share code from your Jazz SIM.

How To Share Jazz Balance From Jazz To Jazz?

Here Are Some steps to Follow for the Jazz Balance Share code.

  • Dial Follow the Code *100*03000000*amount#
  • You will be charged Rs 6.56 Per transaction
  • The maximum Share Limit Per Transaction is Rs 500
  • Only Rs 500 PKR can Be Transfer in Only A Single Day

Also, note that when you dial the code for share balance, you will be asked for Confirmation. The Transaction will be completed when you confirm your transaction.

Jazz Share Balance Code Request

Follow the Instructions for Jazz Share Balance Code 2023.

  • Services: All Prepaid Customers can now request Jazz Balance Share from Family Members, Relatives, and near ones. 
  • Usage: Dial *107# , A USSD Menu will be appearing prompting to Customer for B-Party MSISDN.

How Can I Share My Jazz Balance?

You can share balance with your Loved One with One Click. Follow the Instructions.
Usage Dial *100*jazz Number*amount# and Send.
Charges Rs 7.50 Per Transaction Including Taxes.
With One Transaction, Maximum Transaction limit is Rs 500

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